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PPE & Workwear


Workplace Safety

Our extensive range of workplace safety equipment is designed to safeguard employees. From first aid kits to fire extinguishers and warning labels to welding curtains, BOC stock all you need for a safe working environment.

FlamePak 50 Cylinder Trolley

FlamePak 50 has a two cylinder capacity with a base size of 43cm (split 20cm - 20cm)

Small Single Cylinder Trolley

A one-cylinder capacity with a base size (w)23cm x (d)19cm

Large Single Cylinder Trolley

A one-cylinder capacity with a base size (w)30cm x (d)23cm

Twin Oxy-Propane Trolley

Heavy duty cylinder trolley for oxygen and propane with a two cylinder capacity with a base size 65cm (split 38cm - 24cm)

BOC Portapak Cylinder Trolley

Portapak cylinder trolley has a two-cylinder capacity with a base size of 39cm (split 17cm/19cm)

HSE Catering First Aid Kit

HSE catering first aid kit available in sizes for 1-50 persons. Kit, bracket and refill available

BOC Large Safety Cylinder Stand

BOC Large safety cylinder stand, suitable for large cylinders, provides stability without permanent fixings

Canvas Welding Curtain

Canvas curtain, flame-retardant-dipped, 1.83 x 2.44m

2" Curtain Rings

2" Welding curtain rings, pack of 10

PortaPak Stand

BOC PortaPak carry frame cylinder stand, 2-cylinder capacity

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  • Three options for prescription safety eyewear to protect yourself from safety hazards.
    Trained experts will make sure your mask fits correctly. We can do respirator training on a one-to-one basis or in groups.
    Print or embroider your logo onto garments or headgear.

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