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PPE & Workwear



Skincare protection and cleansers safeguard workers from harmful germs, and protect those working in wet conditions and fluctuating temperatures. BOC offers the highest standards of skincare protection.

Stoko Protect+

Stoko Protect+ skin protection for damp and wet working conditions, 100ml tube

Stokosept Gel Instant Hand Sanitiser

Stokosept Gel unscented gel 100ml bottle

Stoko Soft+Care Gel

Stoko Soft+Care, care gel for hands and face, 100ml tube

Kresto Kwik Wipes

Kresto Kwik wipes, pail with 70 hand cleansing towels

Stoko Frost Protect+

Stoko Frost Protect+ skin protection for low temperatures, 100ml tube

Solopol Hand Cleanser

Solopol hand cleanser

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  • Three options for prescription safety eyewear to protect yourself from safety hazards.
    Trained experts will make sure your mask fits correctly. We can do respirator training on a one-to-one basis or in groups.
    Print or embroider your logo onto garments or headgear.

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